Customer Service

  • Pest, Disease and Weed Control

    Weeds can take over a garden as they survive tough, dry conditions and reproduce quickly, adapting easily to soils and climates. They come in all shapes and sizes and tend to pop up as fast as they’re removed.

  • Turf Maintenance

    When a lawn is mowed professionally it enable the lawn to absorbs sunlight and become a lush green turf. Fertilizers promote turf growth.

  • Clipping and Hedging

    A hedge is simply a row of trees or shrubs of the same species grown closely together to form a barrier or boundary or delightful living wall of foliage and flowers. Professionally clipped they will provide years of enjoyment.

  • Mulching

    It is very important to mulch your garden. Mulch helps to stabilise soil temperatures in the root zone, it suppress weed growth and it assists with water retention in the soil.

  • Fertilizing

    Unless you are growing plants in their natural habitat and returning all waste matter to the soil, your soil will need to be fertilised to replace lost nutrients. Over time the established plants use up all the goodness in the surrounding soil, essentially starving the plants close to them.

  • Mowing

    A professionally cut lawn gives that perfect finish to your garden. Combined with professional edging of the entire lawn area (including around trees and other garden features) your lawn will look sensational.

  • Planting and Turfing

    The best way to create a spectacular lawn instantly is with turfing. If you don’t have the budget for a complete lawn overhaul we can redesign parts of your garden and replant selected areas to give it a facelift.

  • Garden Lighting

    Garden lighting is a beautiful and practical addition to any home. As well as providing safety and security at night, garden lighting highlights a garden’s special features. Whether it’s illuminating a path, water feature or a specific area of a garden, lighting can create a fantastic ambience and turn an individual garden design into a truly unique one.

  • Drainage and irrigation

    Water Board Approved drip watering systems. Also, popup sprinklers and fully automated systems. We can solve that wet, soggy area in the yard that never seems to dry out?

  • Water features

    A water feature can range from a fountain, to pools, ponds, cascades and waterfalls. A water features can be self-contained, meaning there is no need for plumbing and can be indoor or outdoor. They can be any size and made from any number of materials, including stone, granite, stainless steel, resin, and glass.

  • Retaining walls

    A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the pressure of soil when you desire a change in ground level. There is a wide range of materials that can be used to construct a retaining wall. We provide professional advice and construction options.

  • Soil preparation

    Autumn is the best time to prepare soil for planting. Good soil preparation makes or breaks a garden. It improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. That means the garden is more “water wise” and able to withstand pretty well anything nature throws at it.

  • Tiling Paving and Concreting

    Paving is a stylish, low cost way to create a feature or utilise outdoor areas. Because there is such a wide variety of colours, textures and formats available, pavers can create almost any type of look. Outdoor tiles can be used to create a seamless flow from indoors to out or even to create a feature in itself.

  • Timber decks and Pergolas

    Australians really know how to enjoy the great outdoors, so a pergola is a wonderful addition to any outdoor entertaining area. A timber deck provides a natural looking area for relaxation and entertaining.

  • Entire Gardens or Courtyards

    When designing a garden, we believe that the garden should provide you with a visually pleasurable refuge that suits your lifestyle while complementing your home.